Starting The Outline

Starting The Outline

On Progress

On Progress

On Progress

On Progress


Let’s coloring the world


World Map

The inspiring and beginning of this drawing was for my rugby team. As I know, we are gonna have a big international tournament “Bangkok International Rugby Tens Tournament” in the end of Febuary. My friend has known that I can draw stuff. So here we go. Coloring world map for kids zone at the tournament, where kids can have fun playing stuffs.

The rough idea is about the continents and some special places for kids to know because the world is big as you know, so I have to add fun thing and imagination in the map to look a bit fun.

I believe, giving away good stuff can cherish the soul 🙂






City – Lives – Stories

City - Lives - Stories Acrylic and Ink on Canvas; 100 x 100 c.m.

City – Lives – Stories
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas; 100 x 100 c.m.

Welcome to my little City

I wanted to present our reality where the poor and the civilization world, with all the buildings and high technology are combining together thru the city and broken houses drawing.

I get lost with my work. The moment when my mind shut down from the environment around me and just draw or paint.
Remembering spending a month on this work. It’s worth it with to see the result and my progress 🙂

Most of the time I’m struggling to explain my work and concept in words for how I feel and why I make my art. In my head feels against their question because ART – Feeling can’t be expressed in words.



City – Lives- Stories : The Night City

Night City

Night City  : Mixed Media 100 x 100 c.m.

Welcome to my imagination.

I get inspirations from the neighbor I live in, from where I get to walk around, from the past studying years ago.

The Night City is a piece that I want it to reflect the contradiction between the high-rise buildings and the broken houses of the city.
I always get the question… “You don’t have human in your work?”  My thought is, “Do I need to express “LIFE” by the human presented in my work?” Because I’m really sure that if you look closely into my work, “LIVES and STORIES” are already hidden inside there.

Let’s Color

Table mats for coloring. Enjoy eating and coloring at the same time :)

Table mats for coloring. Enjoy eating and coloring at the same time 🙂

Final Drawing :)

Final Drawing 🙂

Bangkok Coloring Table Mat

Do you love coloring? Do you like exploring about the City thru art?

Coloring Map is another way to do both things at the same time. Original drawing created by me, as the focusing for kids and parents to enjoy their time together 🙂 But so far, I see that everyone can enjoy this little coloring thing 😉

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Bangkok Map For Coloring

BKK MAPThe First Sketch

Working Thru the IdeaWorking Thru The Idea

Final Drawing :)Final Drawing

Bangkok Map for Coloring

Bangkok Map for Coloring. Product of “Prettylittlenames” Original drawing design by me @porporrina More information :



I was lucky to get a chance and trust to design and draw “Bangkok City Map for Coloring” It was fun to get all the important details of my city “BANGKOK” into one drawing, under the idea being cute and creative

This product is a creative gifts for everyone who loves coloring either you are kids or adults.

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